Playground Fund

The Child Development Center Playground Fund

“The CDC was a huge part of our lives for many years, and having y’all there in a place I knew so well allowed me to work, and have a peace about your well-being at the same time.”
So said Margaret Clayton in a Mother’s Day email to her sons, Andy and Max.

She was explaining the deep connection she and Lannie feel with the Buncombe Street Methodist Church Child Development Center (CDC), where Andy and Max were loved and nurtured for 10 years. To celebrate this connection, and in honor of the wonderful men those two little boys have become, Lannie and Margaret have created the CDC Playground Fund of the BSUMC Endowment Fund.

As with all BSUMC Endowment Funds, this gift will be a perpetual legacy. The principal will never be spent; only the earnings will be used for the purposes of the Fund. Given the typical 5% distribution, this gift can provide $2,500 each year to maintain the playground equipment, structures and grounds. FOREVER.

“The staff there between 1984 and 1994 hold a special place in my heart,” said Margaret. “I can still name most of them.”

Andy and Max were pleased that their parents would honor them—and the CDC—in this way. The family said the gift reflects their conviction that the physical facilities of any organization must be maintained in order for the organization to fulfill its mission.

Alison Lister, Director of the CDC, agrees. “The playground is the first thing families want to see when they visit the CDC. It needs to be exciting and maintained because it’s usually the children’s favorite part about coming every day. I think seeing happy children playing on the playground shows the community Buncombe Street’s commitment to children.”

If you would like to contribute to the CDC Playground Fund, or if you are interested in establishing a new Directed Fund within the BSUMC Endowment Fund, please contact the church here.