Vital Air Conditioning

Is it Hot in Here?

BSUMC’s 99,000 square foot facility uses a water cooled system and requires four of these compressors, each of which weighs 900 pounds and costs $15,000 to replace. How were we able to afford an immediate $15,000 repair beyond our normal budgeted expenses?

Because in years past, members of this church felt called and blessed to contribute to the Buncombe Street UMC Endowment Fund, either as a special gift or as a bequest in their will. These gifts were invested and their earnings continue to provide for the upkeep, unexpected maintenance needs and inevitable emergencies that arise with the ownership—and stewardship—of buildings and grounds.

The compressor isn’t the only renovation the BSUMC Endowment Fund has provided this year (2015). Go look at the ceiling in the Memorial Chapel. Check out the Seekers, Grace and Roundtable Sunday school class rooms (214, 215, 216). Peek in the new handbell room at the top of the main lobby stairs and the new storage closet behind it.

The maintenance staff are diligent, creative, and hardworking. There’s no way to quantify the money they save the church every year by being capable of complex building and facilities projects. But many of these projects could not be considered without the generosity and forethought of the members of this congregation who gave to the BSUMC Endowment Fund.

What’s your legacy to the church? If you would like to talk about a gift to BSUMC Endowment Fund, please contact us here.