Seekers Mission Fund

Seekers Mission Fund Ensures Class Legacy of Faithfulness

Outreach has been a core value of the Seekers Sunday school class since its inception in 1972. In 2016, the class took outreach to a new level by establishing a fund within the BSUMC Endowment Fund. The SEEKERS MISSION FUND will help those in need by providing funds to organizations equipped with the resources and expertise to serve those individuals most in need.

Trent Ninestein remembers the class holding pancake breakfasts to raise money for charitable causes. “In 2000, we dropped the pancake breakfast and established our Saint Nicholas Fund. Through this fund, we have donated over $100,000 to those in need. Now that we are in our retirement years, establishing an endowment fund was the next logical progression.”

Linda Sarratt agrees. “We realize we’re no longer the ‘young couples’ class! We’ve raised our children, taken care of aging parents, and saved for retirement. With those major life goals accomplished, we felt it was the right time to establish a permanent mission fund that will forever help the disadvantaged. After all, the Seekers mission statement is: A disciple obediently follows Christ in thought, word, and deed. We were also inspired by the John M. Holmes Class that established a similar endowment fund.”

The John M. Holmes Class established an endowment fund in 1996. That initial $82,000 gift has grown to more than $111,000 AND, in just the past ten years alone, has distributed almost $50,000 to local charitable organizations. What a class legacy!

Collective giving is a powerful way to continue a legacy of faithfulness. That is the main intent of the Seekers Mission Fund: to create “a permanent witness to the divine love of Jesus Christ.”

This witness is also a personal act of commitment for Trent.

“This past year, ten of my friends from high school and college passed away. I also turned seventy years old. These events started me thinking about what I can do with the time I have left that will make a difference. Joining with the other members of the Seekers Class in establishing our Seekers Mission Fund enables me to make a difference both now and long after I’m gone.”