Sundays are special at Buncombe Street! From the time you get out of your car or begin watching online worship, it is our goal to make you feel welcome and to answer any questions you might have. We have greeters at the entrances and at many other points in the church, and they are happy to help you find childcare, worship spaces, or Sunday School classrooms. Sundays at Buncombe Street are all about connections. As we connect with God through worship and study, we also connect with one another.


We offer two distinct styles of worship, but whichever service and style you choose, you can expect a warm welcome, uplifting music, and inspiring, Biblically-based sermons. We also welcome all to worship with us online! We livestream both styles on Sunday mornings on our YouTube channel and have the sermon message from each week available on our Buncombe Street Podcast channel.

Traditional | Sanctuary | 8:45 AM

Tradition holds a place of honor at Buncombe Street Methodist Church. Our traditional services are liturgical, warm, and reverent, and each Sunday, we gather to worship in our spacious, sunlit, historical Sanctuary. The measured flow of traditional worship offers space for contemplation and prayer, and the music of our pipe organ, grand piano, and choir is highlighted by the natural acoustics of the worship space. We celebrate the seasons of the Christian calendar through the paraments, the scripture lessons and sermons, and the liturgy itself. The sacrament of the Lord’s Supper is celebrated on the first Sunday of each month.

Contemporary | Sisk Hall | 11:00 AM

Buncombe Street’s contemporary worship service is called “The Table.” Why? Because we serve at the table. We invite people to the table. We share at the table. We receive nourishment at the table. We pray at the table. But most importantly, the table is a reminder of the last meal Jesus shared with the disciples. We remember that meal each week by celebrating the sacrament of Holy Communion.

Everyone is welcome at The Table at Buncombe Street, where the traditions are observed in a relaxed, contemporary environment. Praise and worship music and solid Biblical preaching are hallmarks of this service, which thrives thanks to an extensive network of volunteers from the congregation.

Sunday School

Sunday School is a cherished tradition at Buncombe Street. We offer Sunday School for Children, Youth, and Adults at 10:00 AM each Sunday.


Our Children’s Sunday School classes are designed to guide young children in their faith in a safe environment and in engaging, age-appropriate ways. We strive to teach children to be active in the church and give in their homes, community, and world.


Youth do a combined Sunday Morning Worship experience for 6th-12 grades.


Adult Sunday School is thriving at Buncombe Street, and it is in our adult Sunday School classes that a big church becomes a small church, and lifelong friendships are formed. Although the curriculum varies between classes, what remains true is that the members of our Sunday School classes embrace and support one another as they do life together. Please join us and see for yourself why Sundays are special at Buncombe Street!

Sunday School



Troop 9 Serves More than Dinner

This will be the thirtieth year in a row Troop 9 has prepared and served the dinners.  But what makes this dinner even more special is that it is a service project as well.  Approximately 1000 dinners are given to those in need through local agencies.

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