2023-2024 Children & Youth Basketball

This great ministry looks forward to a fantastic season filled with fun, sportsmanship, and the spiritual growth of our players. Our primary goal is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ while our players have great experiences on and off the court. That means plenty of playing time, making new friends, learning how to play and interact as a team player, learning how to both win and lose, and most of all, every player growing in their spiritual walk with God.


  • To teach and practice basketball skills and fundamentals.
  • To spend quality time in the Scriptures revealing the good news of Jesus Christ.
  • To show the love of Jesus Christ by taking on a mission project with the team during the season.
  • To give every player a chance to play as much as possible.
  • To show Christian sportsmanship at every opportunity.
  • To develop and deepen relationships with teammates in a Christ-driven environment.
  • To have fun playing a team sport where Christian principles come before winning.


Registration begins on September 4 and ends on October 15.

Steps for Registration

  • Read the program policies (Instructional Mites – Mites Policy)
  • Read the program policies (Minors Through Seniors Policy)
  • NEW THIS YEAR: We are offering a single registration for ALL ages so that families can register and pay once. Please be sure to select the appropriate registration type based on your child’s grade level in the 2023-2024 year.
  • Complete the online registration and payment using the link below:

Register Now

Registration Fees

  • Instructional Mites to Mites – $75
  • Minors to Seniors – $100

Key Dates

  • 9/4/2023- Registration begins
  •  10/15/2023 – Registration ends
  • 10/15/2023 – Practices begin
  • 11/11/2023 – First Game

General Information

Age Groups

Age groups are as follows with Divisions based on child’s grade as of September 1

  • Instructional Mites – K5 and 1st Grade (8′ Goals)
  • Mites – 2nd and 3rd Grade (8′ Goals)
  • Minors – 4th and 5th grade ( move to 10′ Goals)
  • Juniors – 6th through 8th Grades
  • Seniors ‐ 9th through 12th Grades

CLBBY League

Buncombe Street will be playing in the Church League Basketball for Youth (better known as the Downtown Church League) this year. We feel this League is a great match for our basketball program and we look forward to another great year.  On the CLBBY website, you’ll find : Rules and Regulations, Schedules, Church Maps, game updates, league and divisional information, and League Tournament information. One really great thing about this league is that we have 5 church gyms we’ll be playing in that are within walking distance of BSMC!

Mission Projects

Every player and coach is expected to participate as a team in some mission project. This year, each team will participate in a one-day mission project with Samaritan House.


To play basketball at Buncombe Street Methodist Church, players are required to attend a minimum of 50% of at least one church activity per month between October and February. This applies to both church members and non-church members alike. These activities include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Sunday Morning Worship Service
  • Sunday Night Program
  • Music and Choir

We encourage all players to attend all possible activities!

Practice Schedules

The coaches determine their practice times within a limited day and time-frame. We will try to have same‐age groups practice at the same time or back‐to‐back. Assignments will be made for specific nights for specific age groups.


For a more focused devotional program, practices for all ages will be 1 hour and 15 minutes long, with the 15 minutes being dedicated to devotions. With same‐age groups practicing either at the same time or back‐to‐back, teams can be together for the devotion.

State Tournament

The State Tournament is for Juniors and Seniors only. The schedule for the State Tournament will be determined after October 1. Due to budget constraints, teams attending the State Tournament will be responsible for their registration fees, which will be $200 per team.

Basketball Committee

A  Basketball Committee has been formed, and each committee member is responsible for some area of the basketball program. This year, our basketball program is coordinated by Jay Howle. If you have questions that aren’t addressed on this page, please contact Jay.

Safe Sanctuary

Safe Sanctuary requirements are in place to protect the players and adult volunteers. All adults interacting in a volunteer capacity must participate in a Safe Sanctuary training session each year and have prior Safe Sanctuary approval.





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