Why Do We Need to Pledge?

What is stewardship?

Stewardship can be confusing. It’s sometimes mistaken for fundraising, but stewardship is not about the church budget or paying for a new addition to the church building, it’s about recognizing God’s work in our lives and responding to God with gratitude.

Stewardship is the prayerful work of managing our time, talent and treasure to bring about God’s kingdom on earth. At Buncombe Street Methodist Church, we believe that stewardship is a part of our spiritual journey and our relationship with God.

What is a pledge?

Our responsibility is to give to God in response to His loving generosity. The church is a vehicle for accomplishing the work of God. It is we, the Body of Christ, who accomplish His work through our giving. We give through the church, not to the church. We are called to use all that God has given us in service to others.

Why do we need annual pledges? How can I trust that the money I give will be spent wisely?

Annual giving supports everything we do and are at Buncombe Street Methodist Church Church. Your gifts of time, talent and treasure are spent on all aspects of our worship, outreach, and community support and engagement. Together we have affected, in ways both large and small, the lives of the people both within and beyond the walls of this church. Through the community nurtured by your gifts, we have equipped and empowered countless individuals and families To Be and To Make Disciples of Christ.

In order to know what we can do each year, we need to receive pledge commitments, which assist the church in the development of the budget for the next year. Decisions about spending are made by Clergy, staff, and our Lay Leadership Team, the church’s governing body whose membership is drawn from members like you. These individuals are committed to prayerfully listening to church members and the promptings of the Holy Spirit as they make decisions about the church’s budget.

Don’t the contributions made in the weekly offering cover our expenses?

Non-pledge offerings amount to approximately 23% of our annual revenue. The single largest source of funding for our ministries, however, comes from the annual pledge. The pledge represents 77% of the church’s annual income.

How many pledges a year do we get? Do people pledge large amounts?

We are grateful for every pledge, large and small. Your annual pledge allows us to plan our commitments to our staff and programs each year. All pledges of all amounts are critical to help support a 2020 budget.

How much should I give with an annual pledge?

We believe strongly that our standard of giving should reflect our standard of living. We ask each member to consider making a pledge that is both responsible and significant based on his or her financial situation. A tithe (10% of your income) has long been held as the standard of Christian giving. For most, it is a goal to be reached through incremental increases each year. At Buncombe Street Methodist Church, every pledge and every gift, no matter what amount, makes a valued contribution to our mission and ministry.

Why does giving to the church matter spiritually?

We believe pledging is an important Christian spiritual practice, enabling us to grow intentionally in gratitude and generosity in every part of our lives. Giving stems from our recognition that…(Principles of Stewardship):

  1. All we have belongs to God. Our blessings are gifts from God, our generous Creator.
  2. We are lifelong stewards of the gifts with which God has blessed us.
  3. God expects us to practice stewardship in ways that glorify God and that strengthen His earthly Kingdom.
  4. Our stewardship decisions reveal the relative importance of God in our lives. Stewardship greatly impacts the depth of our relationships with God and the quality of our earthly lives.
  5. As good stewards, we should use our gifts of time, talent and treasure in those places that best further God’s Kingdom.
  6. Buncombe Street Methodist Church is a conduit through which God works.
  7. The practice of stewardship changes hearts and strengthens relationships with God. Stewardship is a tie that binds us to God.

Grace permeates our lives, and pledging to Buncombe Street Methodist Church allows us to practice gratefully responding to that grace. It is the first step in cultivating a broader practice of generous living, shaping not only how we use our financial resources but also how we share our gifts of time and talent with others. As we continue to invest in our faith community, we strengthen our personal relationship with God.